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“I’m Much More Me When I’m With you”

Say hello to the beautiful couple on my blog today, Jacki & Hernan! These two are engaged to be married next month at the beautiful Oviatt Penthouse in Downtown Los Angeles, one of my favorite-favorite places to photograph weddings. Don’t they look good together? Of course right!! I saw them dressed in white and lite colors and I said it’s the perfect shade of colors for the overcast weather we had at the Bluffs in Santa Monica. The Bluffs BTW, oh I love! Very lovely park area, nice ocean views in the distance, good vibe all around with 3rd Street promenade a couple of blocks away, my second time shooting here and it did not disappoint.  Now due to some schedule constraints from Jacki & Hernan, shooting in the morning was the only time available for them which because of the nature of harsh lighting from the sun I was a little bit concerned.  However if you’re going to have a shoot at this time of the day, overhead shade and canopy effect from trees is a must and thankfully the Bluffs offered plenty. With the weather working in concert with their wardrobe and the location offering plenty beauty, Hernan and Jacki were hitting all the right notes and interactions with each other in front of the camera allowing me to capture the love they share for one another. I truly enjoyed myself taking these, hope they are a great reminder to them of this beautiful time of their lives.  I’m very much looking forward to their wedding next month.

The Photo walk
The O Together B&W

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