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Where you go I will go. Where you stay I will stay

I connected with Dave & Carmen through a Friend of a friend who introduced me to them. These two loving passionate people tied the knot last month at the beautiful Hacienda in Santa Ana. This is part of the Tivoli venues with the other two being in Laguna.  The weather forecast called for some rare showers in Southern California precisely at the time the ceremony was supposed to start, 7pm.  The ceremony was going to take place under cover so there was no concern there but not for the reception. The Tivoli people great as they are moved the reception indoors and the party went on without a hitch. I was impressed with the grounds, they are very romantic warm incandesce hues everywhere. I loved their courtyard gardens and fountains, so much charm all around. Because Dave & Carmen’s ceremony was set for 7pm, they booked a day after bridal session with me which we did at Yorba Linda Regional Park, one week after the wedding. Carmen told me that she really wanted photos by this tree that is in the area they drive by all the time which is shaped like a heart. I said let’s do it, if it’s special to you it’s special to me and what better day to photograph it than on your wedding day. Turned out pretty good, would make for an excellent canvas. Congratulations you too, you make a fantastic couple!! Here’s to your future together!!

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