Addie + Danny | E-Session


Any time a couple comes to me looking for a different place to have their engagement session photos, oh do I get excited. I love shooting in new places or places that aren’t so widely used.  What’s not to love right? Open spaces, quit surroundings, manicured gardens, adobe texture walls, some of the best quality light, what they charge is so worth the value you get in the experience and quality of photos. I highly recommend it.   Addie and Danny found me through Oak Meadows in Temecula,  their  wedding is coming up in April of next year.  This couple knew each other in High School but didn’t connect until after they were out for what reason, because they had seen each other in school. Wow, amazing a small recognition in a familiar can later aid in bringing to people together. Ok I’m sure it didn’t happen that easy but you know what I mean. Looking forward to documenting your wedding with all the beautiful moments that will come together and be created by your friends and family.

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