Ann + Alex Wedding at Shanghai Reds


Weddings nearby any body of water you can count it they are pretty special. Shanghai Reds is a boutique style restaurant/venue  and they are so so put together, small, romantic quaint, with an amazing address in Marina Del Rey.   No doubt a great expression of Ann & Alex sense of taste for good things.  The weather was phenomenal, everything ran on time, people had a great time but best of all Ann & Alex had a great wedding day.  This is just a glimpse of what they got from their 800 plus photos.


  1. Roselyne says:

    Hi John,

    My staff and I are currently going through all of our previous weddings to compile and put up onto our website as well as our blogs. I was the official wedding consultant/coordination company for Alex and Anne. We usually publish all of our vendors work on our site for networking purposes as well as promote their business and they do the same for us. This is to ask your permission to post this blog onto our site and of course we would site your work and your information. Please email me at the above email address to give approval. If you visit our site you can click on our facebook link to see all of your other events as well as the work of other vendors we have worked with. Thank you and I look forward to many more events with you.


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