Engagement Photos | Kristen + Aaron | Huntington Beach


This is my brave engagement photo session couple of 2008 who decided they wanted a beach session and they wanted to take the plunge at the end of the day and boy did they ever, and of course they have some pretty awesome photos to keep for the rest of their lives.  First, they picked great locations as I offered to take them to the Lab in Costa Mesa for the “anti-mall” experience a-la Southern California. This place is beautiful and popular for engagement photos with great backgrounds and sceneries.  For our second spot we decided to go to  the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach, this places rocks for weddings and for photos in general. The end was just a few feet away, the beach in all it’s freezing temperatures that these two were going to brave.  All in all an amazing set of pictures these two are walking away with.   🙂


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