Evelyn & Matthew | Hornblower Cruises Wedding Photographer Newport Harbor


Evelyn & Matthew, what a great couple, they are so in love! They made a discovery in Hornblower Cruise, a fleet of boats that cruises around the Newport Harbor while your wedding is going on, I like this!!  The boats are decorated with modern luxuries, the staff seemed super attentive and the food was delicious.  I found the quality of light inside the Destiny to be very flattering as the walls are wrapped in an elegant cream color leather.  Evelyn & Matthew are quite a good looking couple, they are perfect for each other with warm and caring personalities.  Matthew reminds of a lit bit of  JFK jr., and Evelyn is very pretty, with delicate and simple facial features.  It was a pleasure to photograph them. There were all in all about 125 guests, all shown an amazing tie on board the Hornblower Cruises. 

Bride & Groom giving a kiss to one another on their wedding day
Wedding on the Hornblower Cruises the Destiny ship
Wedding bridal party on the Hornblower Cruises
Wedding couple on the Hornblower cruises Newport Harbor

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