Sylvia & Scott | Laguna Beach Engagement Session


This is Scott & Sylvia’s engagement session, don’t they look fantastic! These two are truly in-love!  These were done in Laguna, my favorite beach for photos. So romantic, picturesque in golden sunlight, so gorgeous and beautiful, California riviera at it’s best.  So Sylvia and Scott are doing it, they’re tying it up and this time next year they’ll be filling jointly. Such a nice couple, who happens to go one of my favorite churches, Harvest with Greg Laurie in Irvine, not the main Riverside church. Anyway, had a blast and I really love what we came away with.  Enjoy!!

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  1. Tracie King says:

    Wonderful work John! Its always a joy to see the work of someone who truly does have a passion for his work. I am so impressed and just wanted to thank you personally. We are so happy for my brother Scott and his soon to be bride Sylvia! Our family is truly blessed!

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