A Look back at 2010


Is it really over? yes it sure is, 2010 is history! The year has been phenomenal to say the least. The stories behind every couple coming together are pretty remarkable!   There are simple stories of a friend introducing a friend and a relationship was formed to the story of two people knowing of each other in high school but not really saying a word only to begin a relationship after they graduated and becoming engaged, amazing! The year has truly been good to so many!!  I’m very thankful myself for the way it’s gone and as I’m pausing for a moment to reflect upon the year and all of the work that was done, seeing the faces that are now so familiar I’m like reliving all of the moments, all of the laughs, the group formals, the long toasts and the short ones, those some-what tiny small places where 10 people find a way to get  ready(dressed), it’s pretty remarkable because all the emotions just rush to the mind very freshly. I can remember the feelings I was experiencing as I was taking these photos and no doubt my clients experience this the same way and this is the most amazing and awesome part of photography.  The events themselves were simply amazing,  beautiful, from the small intimate gathering to the event of the year, myself and my team of 2nd photographers enjoyed every minute it. What I take from the year is that despite of the worst economic times in a long time, it isn’t enough to stop the love people have for one another and in celebrating two lives becoming one.   Here are some of the best of 2010!

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