Happy New Year to us all!


A new year! A fresh start! And for so many the year you get married!

The beginning of a new year is always so promising,  and for me this is as close to an off season for the portrait and wedding work that keeps me busy throughout the year, very thankfully of course. This is the time that allows me to evaluate my performance, creativity and to truly grade my work to assure all my clients of my outmost commitment to the business of capturing special moments and to make sure it’s headed in the right direction. One of the exciting things I’ve been working on is on a new logo and if you’ve been here before you’ll notice the old one is out and the new one is in. Coming up with a concept is not an easy task, the design aspect maybe easy specially for the right designer with the proper tools, skills set and experience, but to come know know and understand what your style and brand is all about is not quite simple. What I say is my photography is not my logo and my logo is not my photography, but my my logo does identify my company in it’s simplest form. My photography business is all about ‘capturing the moment”

This is an example of what I’m talking about, I love this image because number one it’s unrehearsed, it’s a moment in between moments, we’re making our way to photograph the wedding party formals and seemingly nothing is going on as we’re walking and people are talking and yet with a quick look back I catch this sweet kiss between the B&G, naturally expressing their love for one another and they’re not aware is being captured, my favorite part is when they see it in their collection realizing they weren’t even aware of it.

How about the new logo?  Like it?

unveiling of Wedding Photographer logo

  1. Fawaz says:

    Love the logo John!

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