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Photos from Chimed and Jason’s Fall wedding at the Old World Village in Huntington Beach. What a treat, photographing a wedding within minutes from my home,  it’s practically in my backyard, and what a great place this is too. Cobble stone pavers meander throughout boutiques of arts and  crafts and all things related world. The day was fantastic typical Southern California weather, clear and sunny with gorgeous blue skies, give that to me  any day please, although the temperatures dipped a little bit, but it’s Fall right, what do we want, it’s supposed to be like this.  Chimed chose a teal/blue color for her theme decorations which I thought totally rocked, very elegant!!   Her parens flew in from Mongolia, yes Mongolia,  that’s a pretty long flight if you ask me, 15 hours right,  at least! As always, I  take extra care of parents, just a thing about it that makes me want to make sure they get these weddings pictures to rock their world too.  The wedding ceremony started at just about an hour before sunset,  this is a little secret not many couples know about, it enriches the colors throughout by like 1000 times,  well now you know.  The only drawback is well you use this light for the ceremony and we  can’t use it for the couple shots because you’re busy during the ceremony. I think a ceremony 1 to 2 hours before sunset would be the most desirable in theory of course because nothing is perfect right. So I captured them in these fantastic “lost in the moment” type shots that just looked so yummy for photos moments, love it!!  Congrats you guys, loved your wedding and I think you’re going to love your photos!!

  1. Hey there,

    I just found you on the DWF so I thought I’d swing by and take a look at your work. I really enjoyed your photos and I love your editing style and feel. I’m a wedding photographer as well (My company is called Mykkah Photography around Washington D.C. / central Virginia) and I can totally appreciate the efforts behind the photos… Keep up the great work!

    Best regards,


  2. admin says:

    Hi Micah!

    Thanks for the love, much appreciated!!


  3. Chimed says:

    Hey John,
    This is amazing! Thank you for the photos and your blog is wonderful. I dont remember everything we said or did during the photo session but how you blogged it brings good memory. Thanks again. You are awesome!

  4. admin says:

    Hey Jason!

    It’s now been 4 plus years since your wedding, hope all is going well!! Thanks for your compliment!! You know I just looked at the pictures just now too and I can relate with your comment about them, it seems like it was just yesterday and you guys look great, you had a great celebration, I love how they look timeless. Well thanks for dropping by and saying hello, please say hello to Chimed also!

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