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“Now at last they were beginning chapter one” C.S. Lewis 

I park my car at the Staybridge Suites in Corona parking lot. I find my way into the hotel door, and I knock, Hi I’m John Prado your wedding photographer. “Yeah!” This is a typical occurrence for me, and one that I look forward to because what I find waiting for me is a scene unlike any other, a room full of mostly woman (sometimes I find kids in the mix) who are full of excitement to celebrate one of their own who is giving herself away to the man she loves. The laughter, the jokes, the joy, the tears and the flowing bubbles are all contagiously beautiful moments to photograph and make them part of the moments you’re going to find waiting for you on a lazy Sunday Funday when you decide you want to look back to your wedding day. I highly recommend this to all my clients because there’s a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction in looking back to your wedding day morning.

Today I’m blogging about the wedding of two high school sweethearts, Brittany & Patrick; they met on the 8th grade on a leadership class. Apparently it was a great class because Brittany is now a teacher and Patrick is a police officer who serves not too far from where I live. Together they make quite a dynamic couple.

Their best day ever started at the Staybridge Hotel and moved on to Eagle Glen Golf Course, a scenic and serene golf course in Corona. The views from the greens are dramatic with lots of open space amidst manicured gardens. I love Eagle Glen! But, the winds you say, yes it was super windy mostly towards the end of the ceremony which affected our ability to photograph family formals. But with the grounds being very expansive, we moved to a protected area from the winds and I think they came out great.

Brittany photographs exceptionally, she was calm cool and collective, it was her world and I was just a part of it because she played the part of a professional. Patrick on the other hand, seemed nervous, which is understandable, the biggest day of your life is right here right now with over 125 friends and family in attendance and a professional photographer to record it all. They both had a fantastic day enjoying the festivities, everyone in attendance and just having a good old time on this best day ever.

I hope you enjoy all your photos Brittany & Patrick, it was an honor to record these moments for you and it’s my wish that you can go back, look back and think back to your best day ever!

Wedding reception big group photo | Photos of Brittany & Patrick’s 2019 wedding

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