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“Where you go I will go and where you stay I will stay” 
Ruth 1:16 
It’s time to blog another happy wedding couple here on John Prado photography. Thank you for reading my blog it’s been a very busy busy summer, there’s been lots of wonderful weddings. I’m super excited to be sharing today’s wedding from Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach with Shealynn & Eric who are a just a super friendly couple and I mean super friendly. They met at ASU which means for all of you ASU fans go Sun Devils!! These two love birds have been dating for 4 years until on a trip to Florence Germany he popped the big question and did she say yes, of course she did and made it official for a future together that would start on July 28, 2018. 
Shealynn is a teacher not sure what grade she teaches but I’m not surprised, I somehow tend to attract a lot of teachers and police officers too, not sure how that works, not sure. But these are real people, with busy lives like all of us and that’s exactly what I do provide my photography services to real loving people and I love to do just that. 
Here we are at old Ranch country Club where I have photographed before. I recall several wedding here having a great time here. Shealyn and Eric were actually recommended to me by the venue which I am veyr thankful for that I’m somehow on their preferred vendor list and I couldn’t be happier because this is a beautiful place for wedding.  It’s changed a little bit since my last visit, there’s been some renovations on the grounds and it looks beautiful. The staff are always friendly and attentive. I love how there’s so much space for your guess to roam around and feel relaxed and enjoy themselves throughout the wedding. The view from the balcony out to the greens is gorgeous. I love open spaces with big sky and this place offers it here the midst of OC. I highly recommend this place!
It was a summer day wedding end of July which is typically the beginning of the hot days and it was a hot one. Shealyn & Eric’s scheduled a last minute “First Look” in the afternoon and they enjoyed a private moment to themselves holding each other‘s hands and seeing each other for the first time on this their best day ever! 
Shaelyn has a  beautiful personality very bubbling and friendly  her smile is contagious and impossible to ignore with these super bright blue eyes you just can’t help but notice. Her wedding gown was a mermaid style wedding gown that was just so perfect for this beautiful girl. 
The wedding party I can tell had a great time, they were so into the day and in the moment really enjoying themselves.  The bridesmaids wore a classic light color dress very silkie with a little bit of sheer, not sure if I should I call it taupe or not, I think that’s what my wife would say. I feel like she calls everything taupe. They made Shaelyn feel super comfortable and helped her in every way possible.  I really enjoyed photographing them and the flower girl as well, she was pretty adorable with a  flower crown on her head and a super beautiful blue dress with blue shoes and a sparkle belt, she was just missing a necklace which Shaelyn provided as a present. 
The groomsmen where quite the fun group too, there were two siblings in the group and a ring bearer which made himself very comfortable sometimes it maybe the opposite but this little man fit in there as one of the guys. They all played their part pretty well, wearing the suit, cracking some jokes, looking good, having fun and makin the groom look good and that they did. 
So these two ASU alumni did a wonderful job looking radiant, blushed faces and beaming with excitement on this their wedding day. I know that they have enjoyed reliving their day through these photos, and of course they did a lot of work planning it with so many details and now all that effort and work is in their hands through what I hope will be photos printed throughout their home and enjoyed for a very long time. 
The ceremony was nice and short, amidst a gorgeous Southern California blue sky. I recall a light hearted moment during the ceremony with the lighting of the Unity Candle. I had not notice it but apparantly there was a little bit of wind because the moms couldn’t quite keep those candles lit. Happens all the time but still a light hearted moment. I love dad moments during the ceremony, dad here looked good walking her daughter down the aisle, this is always quiet the moment for dads. I have 3 daughters so I know those days are  coming and this is that moment that always reminds me of this.  
All in all it was a wonderful wonderful day of partying and laughter and having a good time. At the reception the grand entrance was full of energy and pizzazz as it usually tends to be. The first dance was danced to bubbles, that’s a first for me and looked good and unique if I may say. The grand exit was also unique in that was not with sparklers because they weren’t allowed but to neon glow sticks, that was a first as well. 
I’m very delighted to have gotten the phone call to photographed this wedding. The greatest compliment I can receive of my work is to be recommended to family and friends and already Shealyn and Eric have recommended me to two of their friends who are getting married next year and they’ve already booked me so thank you Shealyn & Eric and congratulations again on your best day ever wishing you all the happiness in the world in your future!!

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