The Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course Wedding Jordan & Junior


“And The Two Become One” Genesis 2:24

Photographed my first wedding ceremony at Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim Hills and I’ve got say it was an experience I loved and enjoyed.  I happen to love the outdoors, I love nature, mountains put me on a hike all day and I’ll have a good time.  The ceremony location at Oak Canyon Center is set on an amphitheater which is surrounded by  tall majestic oak trees, organic plants and birds chirping in the air. The temperatures were pretty normal for August, in the 90s. As I always do I brought a jacket, a suit jacket and I was going to take it off, but I noticed several courageous men sticking it out and so I decided to keep it and play it formal. If you love the true outdoors, I think you’ll find this venue very lovely. It photographs very uniquely with a a forrest-ie feel,  lots of organic colors,  greens and warm earthie tones, very beautiful.

I have known or seen Jordan now since 07′ I believe, that’s when she would have come out on some of my photos because I photographed her cousins wedding. That would have been the first of more than a handful of weddings since where I have seen her.  Jordan and Junior I believe are high school sweethearts, they share a beautiful connection with each other, sweet and tender very easy going and relax couple.  I think they had  a hands off approach on the day which helped them to enjoy even more all the fine moments of the day.  I think if you can have others in charge do it because in the end, it goes by so fast and there’s so many moments to take in and enjoy.

The bridesmaids wore royal purple dresses which looked exceptional and beautiful.  J&J brought in a lot of  decorations, scripted signs, ribbons to affix to the trees, sign-in tables which made the location even more warmer.

The Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course is a top Golf Course wedding venue here in Orange County. I have photographed here before and as always the ballroom is magical, the staff are super friendly, they have a high reputation for being very customer service friendly. I was greeted by one of the staff members and she quickly walked me through the agenda and where everyone was stationed.  I love the arches here, they are super beautiful,  made use of them for the dress detail shot as well as the shot of the couple at end the night which I accomplished using two speedlights with a color gel stationed on a light stand and the other one my 2nd photographer Tracy was hand holding behind them. Really loved that images because of the red and blue tones associated with the colors of our flag and because Junior is a service men in the armed forces. I’m sure it will make an awesome large canvas in their home.

Congratulations again to the happy couple!

Cheers to the newly weds!


The getting ready stage The outdoor wedding ceremony

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