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If ever I had a secret desire to photograph any wedding, which I’m sure I have many, sign me up for this one please! I would not want to miss it!! Ugochi & Fabian’s wedding was INCREDIBLE!! Oh my gosh, it was a beautiful day from beginning to end and one look at the pictures will have you saying ROYALS!! For starters, I LOVE Oviatt Penthouse, the rooftop scene for me makes for such a unique location. I love it! Every moment was filled with unique traditional Nigerian and Argentinian rituals  starting with the bride and groom changing bridal attire three times. One of my favorites among favorites was the ceremony, it was all DANCING!! No officiant reading from a script, but family tribal leaders parading the family in a presentation to guests while dancing. Yes, pretty UNIQUE for sure!  There was also professional Tango and Nigerian dancers entertaining the guest.  The presentation of the Kola Nut which is very important in their culture as something that bonds them together.  Another of my favorite  was when the groom hides amongst the crowd while the bride goes around the reception searching and dancing and searching for him, very unique, very meaningful and entertaining as well. The crescendo happens after three parade presentations ends with the family elder, the tribal leader, the father of the bride declares them husband and wife.

I had such high expectations for this wedding  and it completely blew my mind and inspired me to remember Life is Worth Celebrating!

Romantic couple Photo

Bride striking a pose for photographersweet smiles bridal couple pictureL.A. Live Courtyard by Marriott Disney Concert Hall


Smiling groom and bride

exotic color attire for this wedding party Fun groomsmen photo

Couple strolling on the steps of Disney Concert Hall Lansdcape panorama couple photos at Disney Concert Hall wedding couple Romanticly draped in blue colors at Disney Hall

Tenderly affectionate to one another on wedding day

Oviatt Penthosue panorama photo delicate wedding details an attentive audience for a grand entrance  father of the groom and sister of bride joyfully dancing to grand entrance photo of a captive audience joyful groom making his grand entrance nigerian wedding groom dancing Nigerian wedding party parade on the reception the bride in a traditional Nigerean dress & attire the reception scene at this wedding party money flying in the air for this couple lots of joyful moments dancing

Nigerean tango dancers at oviatt tango dancers performing at wedding reception elegant tango dancers where is my groom? Nigerian tradition bride looks for her groom bride smiling seeing her groom Nigerian traditionI have found my groom Nigerian tradition Traditional red wedding dress for this Nigerian bride Happy now and forever for Argentinian groom and Nigerian bride Oviatt rooftop wedding recepetion downtown Los Angeles

Sweetheart table at wedding reception Bride & groom cutting of the cake at Oviatt Penthouse Nigerian Traditional Dancers Love is EVERYTHING!! Skyline panoramic view of Downtown Los Angeles  at Oviatt penthouse Nigerean Family formals at night Family formal portraits

Striking colorful wedding night couple photo in downtown los angeles

  1. Amaechi says:


    You and your team were sooooo amazing! From your professionalism to your patience to your guidance…you all were GREAT! I have to say my parents were a bit a nervous having a non-Nigerian photographer/videographer take pics of a traditional Nigerian wedding but I must say you surpassed our expectations and did a fantastic job! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your service and expertise.

    Sister of the Bride

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, Amaechi! I love being at the right place at the right time, and your sisters wedding was that for me. On behalf of Tracy and Shaun, thank you also, they had an amazing time being there. We all talked about it afterward, it was such an impressionable night and one we’ll remember for sure. 🙂 ♥♥♥

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