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Jackie & Jonathan | The Oviatt Downtown Los Angeles Wedding Photographer


“After all this time, always!”

I’m excited to be sharing another wedding from the glamorous Oviatt Penthouse at 617 Olive St. in downtown Los Angeles. This is part one of Jackie & Jonathan’s  wedding day photos, mainly the “getting ready” photos at the Biltmore Hotel.

I was super excited to know Jackie & Jonathan had taken my recommendation to get ready at the Biltmore Hotel. This is one of two hotels just a short walk away from the Oviatt, the other being the LA Athletic Club. I have photographed here before and as always I feel like I’ve stepped into a time capsule from way back when,  and it’s a gorgeous one! There are so many breathtaking locations for photos here and that’s always a big plus because the more the merrier of course. 

We staged the First Look right outside this beautiful open courtyard that was once the main entrance to the hotel.  The lighting here was luminous with soft photons bouncing around between the high walls. It was like being inside a gigantic studio lightbox,  BUTTER!!  We were quickly approached by a secutiry guard asking us for our permit and of course we said we didn’t have one or knew that we needed one. He asked us to check-in with the lobby for a permit and that I did. The counter people were super friendly. I explained to them these two had taken up two suites in the top floor and how they were getting married nearby at The Oviatt. She said let me check with the Manager and sure enough they granted us a permit to photograph on the grounds and said this permit normally costs over $1000. WOW right!! 

I got to say this location is fantastic and I mean off the wall fantastic for wedding day photos. If you’re planning on your wedding day at The Oviatt as I highly recommend the Biltmore.

Jackie & Jonathan were referred to me by the Oviatt. They are a super sweet couple who met through the popular dating app Tinder. Yes they both swiped right!! If you look back to my older posts they had their engagement session at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and those photos were fantastic. They have been dating for 2 1/2 years and they have a 1 year old daughter with the most beautiful red curls. Here’s are their photos with more to come on part 2.

Bride & groom

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