The Oviatt Wedding Glamour | Jackie & Jonathan Tie The Knot


“After all this time, always!”


Get ready to swoon over the first part of Jackie & Jonathan’s glamorous The Oviatt Los Angeles wedding! Their special day unfolded at the iconic Oviatt , but part one takes us on a journey through the elegant Biltmore Hotel, just blocksaway.

As their wedding photographer, I was thrilled they took my suggestion to get ready at The Biltmore Hotel. Its classic Hollywood charm transports you to a bygone era, offering endless breathtaking backdrops for unforgettable photos. One stunning location was the open courtyard, once the hotel’s grand entrance. Bathed in soft, natural light, it felt like a photographer’s dream – buttery perfection!

We staged the First Look right outside this beautiful open courtyard that was once the main entrance to the hotel.  The lighting here was luminous with soft photons bouncing all around the air between the high walls. It was like being inside a gigantic studio lightbox,  BUTTER!! 

While capturing their “first look” moment, we were approached by hotel security, highlighting the need for a permit. Turns out, we hadn’t realized one was required. To our surprise, after explaining their wedding was being held at the Oviatt and their two top-floor suites, the exceptionally friendly lobby staff secured a permit free of charge! (This permit usually costs over $1,000, making this an incredible bonus!) This experience solidified my enthusiastic recommendation of the Biltmore Hotel for The Oviatt weddings. Its unique beauty and accommodating staff create a magical setting for your getting-ready photos.

Jackie & Jonathan were referred to me by the Oviatt. Their love story began on the modern dating platform, Tinder, with a serendipitous swipe right for both! If you’ve seen their stunning engagement photos at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on my previous posts, you know their style is all about romance and elegance. This adorable couple, now parents to a precious daughter with fiery red curls, is ready to tie the knot!

This is just the beginning of their enchanting wedding journey. Stay tuned for part 2, where we’ll unveil the Oviatt Penthouse ceremony and celebration!

Bride & groom

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